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Hair is personal, and so should haircare be: why personalization is key

The “have it your way” philosophy has been in the food industry for years: you can customize your burger, your sandwich, even your poke bowl. So, now that technology can help us out, why not apply this to haircare as well? You can have your own shampoo and conditioner. Is that even a thing? Oh yeah: personalization is here, and it’s here to stay.


Mass-produced haircare products are literally flooding stores’ isles, which causes you to spend countless hours staring blankly at them, waiting for the right product to come to you. And when you think you’ve found it, you only go home to try it and see that it doesn’t work for you, for some reason or another. And that is THE WORST.

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So, it’s no surprise that there is a developing consumers’ trend that seems to go the opposite way: people want less products, specific to them. It’s 2020, consumers don’t have time to spend hours looking for the perfect product; and the little time they do have for their haircare, they want to make the best of it. Right?

The key solution to this is personalization: specific haircare products at a reasonable price.


Personalization is the future of haircare

We are finally understanding that we are all different and that we need different things. We are becoming slowly but surely more and more aware of our diversity (hallelujah!) and we are looking for effective ways to value it and celebrate it.




And when it comes to haircare, personalization is the way.

Consumers have access to information like never before, they are aware and well prepared and know all too well that drugstore shampoos just aren’t cutting it anymore: they only answer to a couple (if you’re lucky) of your usual hair needs, leaving you to wonder what to do with the rest of them.

On the other hand, personalized haircare products go straight to the point, relieving you of the pain of having to go through hundreds of products, hoping that they’ll work for you. As a result, you save money and time. Do we need to add more?

If you’re curious to know more about how personalization works, here! This article might help:

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How to personalize haircare products

There are a few ways in which you can implement personalized haircare products:

1. Technology is on our side, let’s use it

Technological advancements have come to the point where it’s not that hard anymore to “talk to the consumer”. Algorithms are so precise now that they can tell your preferences even before you. Sometimes it seems like they can read your mind. Creepy.

But hey, it works! So why not implement a fun (not too lengthy not too superficial) quiz about hair needs and hair goals? This way, you can really get to know what consumers need out of your product. And if you make them happy with something that works for them, they’ll never be able to walk away from you!

2. DIY haircare bar

If you can, you can have your customers do it themselves. They can’t make shampoo from scratch, of course; but you can set up a base product and have them add the necessary extra ingredients, depending on their hair needs.

Beauty bars are becoming a thing so why not set up a haircare bar? Consumers would love to get involved.




These are just a few ideas, but the beauty of personalization is that it can be developed in many never before seen different ways. Different, as we all are!

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Personalization is the future of haircare
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