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Custom hair products: why you should ditch drug store products

This has probably been the hardest quest that has ever existed. According to drug store products, your hair is either thin and lifeless or thick ad frizzy. Well, what if my strands are thin, but I have a lot of them? Does this mean my hair is thick? Or, what if my hair is thin but also frizzy? It can get pretty confusing.


As we all know, life isn’t all black and white and neither is your hair: it’s so much more complicated than that!

However, drug store hair products don’t seem to think that way: according to them, your hair either has a problem (like oily, dry, damaged, dandruff) or it’s normal, which leads us to believe that it’s none of those things (?!?).


Oh please


Has it ever happened to you to be conflicted between two products because they both answer to at least one of your hair needs? Standing for hours in front of the isle, trying to evaluate which one to get is very annoying. Which is why drug store products just aren’t cutting it anymore and more and more people are switching to customized hair care products.


And it looks like it’s not just a trend that is doomed to pass in a few years. It looks like something that is going to stick around for a while. Why? Let’s look at it like this: custom hair products and mass-produced products are different like buying a dress from a store and having one tailored. Get it now?



Manufacturing customized hair care products would allow you to speak directly to the single customer, making them feel like their needs are being heard.


How to develop custom hair products

First, you need to get yourself a partner who knows what they’re doing, especially if you’re embarking on this new adventure for the first time.

Customized hair care products are on the rise, so having someone to help you ride this wave will prevent you from crashing inevitably on the rocks. Once that is done, you can focus on everything else.

The best way to know what your customers need from their hair products is to ask them. Set up a platform where your customers can go to and ask them about their hair goals. In developing a hair quiz, you can choose to go as in depth as you feel is enough to get the insight you need.




Aside from hair type and hair goals (duh!) you can even go a little bit further and go as far as to ask about where your customers live (to better understand weather conditions, water’s hardness and pollution levels), what their diet looks like and how much they work out every week. All this info will help you get a better insight into the lifestyle of your customers, which is directly linked to the health of their hair and scalp.


How custom hair products work

First of all, they are fresh. Which means that they work exactly as they’re supposed to. Drug store products can be standing on shelves for months, even years, before they’re purchased, which ends up altering their effectiveness.

Customized hair products are freshly made and sent to your customers right away.

However, in order for them to see some results, they need to give it a little time. If their hair has been beaten up by sulfates, parabens and other harsh chemicals, it might take a while to get rid of all the past unhealthy build up and restore the hair’s natural balance. But the results, after only a few weeks, are staggering!




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