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4 reasons to focus your private label on natural skin care

As you’ll have learned from our articles on 2019 beauty trends, the road that brands are taking is that of nature on the skin.

Don't misunderstand us: this is not a purely spiritual vision, a guru living in a cabin in the woods or something like that. We're talking about a veritable green approach regarding the choice of the ingredients in the production of cosmetics dedicated to skincare.

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Natural ingredients to be integrated to skincare routine, “clean” pampering to regenerate body and mind, water-based formulas against imperfections: these are just some of the prerogatives of the new lines dedicated to skincare.


Why should we focus on these trends?


Because people are more and more concerned about product INCI

Also thanks to the many beauty gurus with millions of followers on social media, today people are luckily looking for more than just the latest craze in the skincare world, but they're paying increasing attention to the quality of what is applied on their skin.

To make this search even more simple, in the past few years many apps were released to warn users when a certain cosmetic product contains hazardous ingredients. When the INCI of a product shows ingredients considered harmful, the beauty addicted freak out. Shame on them!

You wouldn’t want your products marked with a red NO-NO sign, would you?



Because our planet is sick of stuff derived from petroleum

It's bad enough that the oceans now have to deal with terrifying islands of plastic. If even cosmetics are filled with this stuff, we’re done.

Cosmetics are not innocent when it comes to paraffins, just like they aren’t to microplastics. Have you ever wondered what happens to all those evil micro particles when you rinse them off? They end up in the sewers, then in water bodies, then in public water systems (and therefore in the water that gushes from our taps at home).

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Not to mention the fact that, once in the oceans, these particles are ingested by animals of all kinds, together with accumulated toxic substances. The risk is that this unbalance in the food chain of fish and mollusks contaminated with plastic can have repercussions on what we eat, with consequent danger to our health.

Nice grilled fish there, eh? You’re very welcome, sir.


Because our skin perceives the quality of the ingredients

Let’s repeat this mantra together:

The skin is the largest organ in our body. The skin is the largest organ in our body. The skin is the largest organ in our body.


By now pretty much everybody knows that our skin deserves a whole world of care and attention.

Direct contact with toxic micro particles that are the result of a chemical concentration is highly harmful and dangerous for our bodies.

Without defensive barriers, the skin tends to deeply absorb and assimilate the substances presented to it. This is why it's important to try to avoid this type of contact and to give our skin only the nourishment it needs.


Because at the end of the day, our grandmother’s remedies are always the best

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were ill, and just an afternoon with your grandma was enough to magically heal you? The same goes for our skin. The best recipes are always those that exploit the extraordinary qualities of natural ingredients. Today’s cosmetic industries have understood this and are exploiting the beneficial power of what already exists in nature as best they can.


Are you convinced already? Start your private label on natural skin care



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