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Unveiling skincare trends: ask the crystal

So, you want to know the skincare trends for 2021. Let me check my crystal ball.

The candles are lit, the black veil is in place. From outside the tent, only the night sounds come in. The crystal ball welcomes my face and returns what seems to be a nod; my reflected image looks satisfied - such young-looking skin! - I think. Everything is ready for the session:

“What are the skincare trends for 2021?”

I see...



Skincare trends will celebrate simplicity

I see a return to simplicity, a new minimalism where essentialness and performance live together in peace. Clean Beauty is elbowing its way through the skincare world and has likely contributed to the birth of this renewed wish for spontaneous and sustainable beauty. Skincare trends will focus on perfecting a few simple ingredients, eliminating what is superfluous.




Fast beauty: straight to the point

I see that this year’s skincare trends will carry with them the values of contemporary society, where no one has time to waste waiting for a product to work: they must go straight to the point. A coherent colleague of the previous point, Fast Beauty sees performance as the protagonist. Skincare products must ensure immediate visual impact, must provide that certainty that is hard to find in today’s world. This is why many result-oriented products will see the light; many of them are multifunctional, to reduce your beauty routine to its bare bones.


I don’t fear you, pollution

I see pollution and bacteria. And the sun, burning the skin. Of course, sitting in your car in a heavy-trafficked road at 11 in the morning could hardly yield different results. The skincare trends for 2021 will tend to protect us. Cosmetics will be functional for the needs of our times, increasingly offering protection against the sun, atmospheric pollution and bacteria, as well as against the light emitted by devices such as computer screens and cell phones, which causes early skin aging.





Skincare trends love good bacteria

There's bad bacteria and good bacteria. Prebiotics are of the latter kind and they are able to give your skin the nourishment it needs. This year’s skincare trends reflect the needs of our skin in a wider society context, where pollution, stress and wearing a mask all day risk undermining our beauty from within. When damaged, our skin's microbiota can put the skin’s health at risk, which is why the cosmetics of 2021 will contain prebiotics and probiotics in their formulas.


Inclusive Beauty: every skin has its own product

I see more awareness. I see that the 2021 skincare trends will take to heart the health of all skin types, not just one. Even if some ingredients are good in general, in order to improve different kinds of skin it’s necessary to diversify products with the most suitable formulas.



Do you want to unveil this year’s skincare secrets?

Look into the crystal ball

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