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White label skin care: the hidden issue of the skincare industry

Close your eyes and think for a minute: what is the main, true reason why you would want to make your brand's skin care line? History tells us that it usually starts from the dissatisfaction of one unhappy customer. You notice a gap, something that is missing in the cosmetic world, that you know would make many people very happy. And you take advantage of that. You turn your idea into a business and voilà: your brand's cosmetic line is born.

So, to answer the initial question: you make a skin care line because you want to make a difference in the beauty world. Correct?

Well, you should know that if that’s the case, trusting in the white label skin care system would do the exact opposite.




Do you even know how white label skin care works? Let’s refresh our memory for a minute.


How white label skin care works

White label skin care manufacturing works in such a way that you (and many other distributors like yourself) buy a ready-made formula from a cosmetic manufacturer, rebrand it with your own name and logo and sell it as if it was your own, even though you have absolutely no control over the formulation of the product or any rights over it whatsoever.

This means that more brands are selling products with identical formulations at wildly different prices, making different claims about them, based on what? Marketing? Uhm, and how is that making a difference?


What is wrong with white label skin care manufacturing

White label skin care allows distributors to sell cheap and fast; because this process cuts on the time required for product development, formulation testing and everything that goes into creating a skin care product from scratch. Sure, but since when “cheap” and “fast” are synonyms of “quality”? Last time I checked, never.

In fact, white label messes with the concept of transparency, something that skin care customers appreciate very much nowadays; and taking that away from them would mean risking to lose credibility. And no one wants that.




So, instead of taking the shortcut that leads to customers feeling betrayed with a white label skin care product, why don’t you consider doing things properly, with a private label approach?


Choose the private label road

On the other hand, you have the private label option, which is different from white label skin care because it allows you to work with a cosmetic manufacturer in the development of a skincare product, from scratch, that will be yours and yours only. It won’t just say it’s yours on the label, it’ll actually be JUST YOURS.




This way, you’ll be able to show your customers that you took the time and effort to develop a quality product that was specifically thought for them, to answer their specific needs. Something that they’re not going to find anywhere else on the market.

It’s a longer process than white label skin care, that’s true, but working in partnership with a private label cosmetic manufacturer will allow you to explore all the possible features of a quality skin care product, helping you pick the ones that can lead you to a successful cosmetic line.

If you'd like to know more about creating a unique skin care line for your brand, I suggest you take a look at this.

Trust me, your customers will certainly appreciate the effort and give back to you with their trust. Which is all you really need in order to be successful.

If you are ready to ditch white label skin care to explore the private label approach, contact us! We are private label cosmetic manufacturers that you can trust.