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What hair colors for 2020? Me, but better is the upcoming trend

Staying on top of hair color trends, year after year, has become increasingly harder. Trends mix up and are continuously contaminating one another, in a multitude of different and ever-changing ways, so that once you finally get to one, it’s already gone. Well, not this year. Not with us.


Luckily for you, here at HSA Cosmetics we are real pros in detecting future hair color trends – you might in fact call us magicians – and today we feel particularly generous: so much, that we are going to tell you THE #1 hair color trend of 2020, sparing you the pain of having to guess, going through hundreds of Instagram inspo posts.

You’re welcome.

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Your own hair color, but make it better

Self-confidence and acceptance are probably two of the passwords of 2020. And with that, I mean that people are finally starting to accept and appreciate themselves for who they are, flaws and everything. And that includes hair coloring as well.

Also, the time we have spent locked inside our homes has allowed us to really see ourselves for who we are, fueling this feeling even more. Sort of like a timeout from reality and others, that forced us to look at ourselves a little closer.

As a result, people couldn’t go to the hair salon and had to work on their hair coloring on their own, starting from their natural base.

So, with no further adue, here is the hair color trend of 2020…Drumroll, please.




Me, but better!

What does it mean? Well, it’s actually pretty simple: the coolest hair colors of 2020 are going to start from a natural base and enhance what’s already there. That means: accepting your own natural shade, while adding a little effortless twist to it, making it more interesting.

So…no more bleaching? Well, no. But in a way, yes. Curious to know what happened to bleaching? This article might help:

Is bleaching still a thing? Sure, but careful


Earthy, warm, rich, deep tones are going to add extra volume and shade to natural hair. Let’s look at a few examples.


Black hair has never been less basic

Black hair looks like the plainest of the plains, but oh boy there’s so much you can do with it! This season is all about faux-black. You can play with the richest, darkest shades of blue (for example), to create a fake black that looks black but, with a different light, shows nuances of blue, in all their glory. You can do the same with crimson, reddish-brown undertones. So chic.


Pink rules

It’s official: pink is not going anywhere. We’ve already had our fair share of pink tones in the past year, but you can never really get enough of pink, right? Also, while last year was all about an antique, almost silvery kind of pink, this year we’re talking about a whole different shade: a deeper, earthy, pastel pink that turns to raspberry blonde, for an incredibly unique and romantic look.

Let’s welcome the newest member: Green

I’m sorry, WHAT? Yup, you got that right. But we’re not talking about a neon, flashy, Billie Eilish-style kind of green. Imagine a combination of khaki and military green, with brownish undertones. Earthy and soft, yet unexpected and unconventional. The coolest twist to a naturally brown color base.


Wow, you didn’t expect that right? I know, I know. But hey, this is what we’re here for. So now that you know all the good stuff about the hair color trends of 2020, you’re ready to tackle the market. Go get ‘em tiger!


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