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The perks of cosmetics third-party manufacturing

When making up your mind about starting a cosmetic line, what is the #1 question that keeps popping into your head? “How?”. Am I right? HOW? Well, we might have an idea about that: ever considered outsourcing your cosmetics to third-party manufacturing? Makes everything so much easier. Here’s how!

First things first: what is cosmetics third-party manufacturing exactly? Well, it consists in the act of outsourcing production to specialized cosmetic manufacturers. Does this mean you’re giving away your dream cosmetic line to some strangers?


freak out-compressed


No, don’t freak out! This does not mean that they’ll steal your products away from you. They’ll actually take care of them FOR YOU, while you concentrate on other tasks, just as important.

Think about cosmetics third-party manufacturing as daycare: it’s a little bit of a stretch, I know, but it works. Taking your kids to daycare doesn’t mean that your giving them away; you let somebody else take care of them for you, while you’re at work, providing for them.

Cosmetics third-party manufacturing works exactly the same. You feel better about it now, uh?


feel better


5 reasons why third-party manufacturing is not so bad after all

Let’s look at some of the perks of cosmetic third-party manufacturing:


1. You can save $$$

Cosmetic manufacturers are already equipped with all the resources necessary to start a cosmetic line. They have their own factory with fully equipped labs, the latest formulas and the best quality ingredients already available.

This allows you to avoid having to purchase very expensive new equipment and also to hire new employees to handle production. Which of course equals: saving money and cutting on labor costs.

save money


2. You have more time on your hands

If you outsource production, your employees are left with enough time to handle other tasks, such as marketing and sales, that are just as important when it comes to putting a new cosmetic line into the world.

While third party manufacturers work for you, you can focus on market positioning and brand awareness; because you can have the best cosmetic products, but if nobody knows about them, they’re worthless.


3. You’re not alone

This way, it becomes easier to start a cosmetic line even for entrepreneurs: cosmetics third-party manufacturing makes production less tedious and relatively inexpensive, as opposed to having to deal with everything on your own.

Think about cosmetic manufacturers as your partners in crime: they’ll help you succeed, no matter what.


4. Been there, done that

It’s not their first rodeo. Cosmetic third-party manufacturers have a greater understanding of your project because they have most likely handled a similar project before.

Their experience puts them in a position to give out the best possible advice on how to make the best product, because they’ve been there before and know what to do. Cosmetic manufacturers in Europe especially know what's up: there's a reason why most private label cosmetics are made in Europe. You should probably check it out


5. Less is more

You maximize profits by reducing expenses. So, with less time, effort and money, you can get the best cosmetic products. The best of both worlds, dare I say.


I mean, do you really have to think about it?


If you’re looking for a partner, contact us! We will walk you through all the advantages of cosmetics third-party manufacturing.