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Saving the planet in our way: how to start a natural hair care private label

The eyes of the world are all pointed to it: our planet. More and more people are currently changing their lifestyle to help our planet in any way they can. You can be a part of it by choosing to make your dream of having a hair care brand come true, in a sustainable and natural way.

The purpose of an increasingly high number of brands of cosmetics is to create a beauty world with more awareness. In fact, in addition to raising awareness among their own clientèle, they make sure their entire production cycle has as little impact on the environment as possible.

Making natural hair care products and reducing one’s own environmental impact is not impossible, when you think of it. All you need to do is to carefully select the ingredients you want to use and to go for plastic-free packaging (or use packaging made of green plastic). Find out how.

Non-harmful ingredients

You don’t necessarily need to choose 100% natural ingredients to go green. In fact, we believe that nature and science are complete each other and can help each other out to create formulas that are friendly for human skin and for the environment.




In any case, we’ll say it again and again, an absolute ban applies to petrol products, parabens, chemical surfactants, mineral oils and paraffins. Remember: your mission must be to take care of people’s hair, all the while respecting nature and the surrounding environment.

And if you want to dive really deep into it, go vegan! Start by ditching all animal ingredients right at first and don’t even consider animal testing: current European laws forbid it.

Sustainable packaging

Welcome to aluminum, recycled paper, glass and new bioplastic polymers. Oh yes, there is such a thing as bioplastic! Made of pine needles, algae, sustainable polymers obtained from nature, this bioplastic has characteristics similar to ordinary plastic in terms of hygiene and resistance, but can be disposed of using classic composting processes.

Plastic-free options, as you can see, exist and are available. Don’t let yourself be scared by the initial high costs: you’re doing it for the good or the planet! And you can always take into consideration the packaging-free option, or even an empty return policy.




Solid shampoo and conditioner: why not?

Liquid cleansers are a thing of the past! The solid version reduces consumption (think of all the times you’ve accidentally spilled shampoo in the shower) and gives you the option of using environmentally friendly ingredients, in addition to providing you with the possibility of selling your “naked products” even more easily.

Choose partners that support your philosophy

Find a cosmetics manufacturer that can launch your natural hair care line with the right foot and that can follow you step by step, all the way towards your goals.

The pollution we produce with cosmetics is just as harmful for the environment as it is for our own skin. Kick-starting a natural hair care line is the right way to go.



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