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Salon Semi Permanent Hair Color: Nouvelle's Incredible Shades

Is your clientele asking you to perform each and every dye on them? Well, maybe it’s time to offer them the most comprehensive salon semi permanent hair colors! HSA Nouvelle can provide you with them: find out our lines and all the color hues available in our catalog for professional use.


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HSA Nouvelle’s semi permanent hair color for salons

Paint Bang



Paint Bang
is the first salon semi permanent hair color line we suggest you take a look at. These products are formulated without ammonia and with the ultimate goal of performing semi permanent direct color on your clients’ hair shafts.

You will find several, eccentric tones that can be used just as they are – thus delivering a lively and bright shade – or mixed with the Moon (neutral) one to obtain softer pastel hues. In any of these cases, a burst of color is guaranteed!

This salon semi permanent hair color can be used on bleached hair and lasts up to 20 washes. Here are the colors… I mean, planets, available:

  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Pink Planet
  • Neptune
  • Venus
  • Uranus

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Rev Up



Now, let’s move on to another incredible salon semi permanent hair color: it’s Rev Up. To be more specific, these are direct coloring masks that can be applied to your clientele’s hair to:

  • brighten the tone
  • restructure and moisturize the strands
  • cover gray hair

Rev Up is part of our Color Glow line, which was expressly designed as a salon semi permanent hair color line that maintains, protects, and revives endless tones. The formula of these masks contains hydrolyzed cereal proteins and keratin that give hydration and strength to the hair.

Here are the colors available:

  • Silver
  • Truffle
  • Cocoa
  • Malt
  • Copper
  • Red
  • Hazelnut
  • Mahogany
  • Violet

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What is a salon semi permanent hair color?

A salon semi permanent hair color is a temporary dye solution that professional hairdressers perform on their clientele’s strands. But what does temporary actually mean in this case? Usually, semi permanent colors last for a few weeks – they generally start fading away after 12 to 15 washes.

These dyes might contain ammonia and peroxide – but no bleach – helping the pigment deposit and coat the hair deeply so that it lasts longer. But since these components might irritate or damage the hair and scalp, nowadays salons resort to solutions that contain little to no ammonia and peroxide. When used in the right amount, though, these ingredients shouldn’t scare you!

Your clients can find several semi permanent hair color DIY options on the market, but everybody should know that the salon ones are the preferred choice:

  • DIY has a higher risk of damaging the hair for the sole reason that it’s not a professional that’s performing it. And professionals know 100% what they’re doing.
  • also, salon semi permanent hair color is developed with higher quality and more effective formulations that allow for longer lasting results. So you see why people should come to your salon instead of performing hair dyes on their own!
  • finally, salon semi permanent hair color is perfect for all hair types and it’s the best solution for those who like to try new shades once in a while without having to settle for a long term commitment to a single color.


Permanent VS semi permanent VS demi permanent: what’s the difference?

Now, you might have come across the terms permanent, semi permanent, and demi permanent. Well, there are so many salon hair colors out there, with different formulations and results. That’s why there are so many terms as well to refer to them. But what is actually the difference?

  • a salon permanent hair color is a dye that penetrates the cuticles deep down, thus altering the hair structure. We use the term permanent because it is meant to last for a month and not fade off after just a few washes.
  • a salon semi permanent haircolor doesn’t penetrate but offers complete coating on the hair. It’s the solution that lasts the shortest because it is mostly used to revive, add shine, or give a new shade to the hair for a few weeks only.
  • a salon demi permanent hair color is similar to the semi permanent one in terms of formulation but can last up to 25/30 washes. This means that it has a shorter life than permanent dyes but a longer one compared to semi permanent dyes.

So, it all depends on the longevity of the hair color your clientele wants to achieve. For those who are confident in their choice, you should offer a permanent dye. On the other hand, for those that prefer to change their color regularly and not be bound to a single color for a long time, salon demi and semi permanent hair colors are the ones to go for.

No matter permanent, semi permanent, or demi permanent. Here at HSA Nouvelle, we got all the salon hair colors you need!



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