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Private label hair dye: the best business card for your company

Everyone loves a good hair dye, am I right? Hair dyes will never go out of style: these days, people dye their hair even to achieve a natural look. Natural! Get it? Well, a good hair dye can pretty much do it all: transform you into the blonde bombshell you’ve always wanted to be, or just give your natural color a much needed boost, to make it look more vibrant and shiny. So, if you own a chain of hair salons or run a beauty company, why not give your customers what they want? A quality private label hair dye that is going to make all their hair color dreams come true.

Cheap drugstore hair dyes have huge downsides: they dry out hair, making it look brittle and dull; they rob hair of its elasticity and shine, leaving it rougher than a man’s beard. Which you understand is VERY inconvenient. Many people are not giving in their dreams of dying their hair because they fear the consequences of the process.


What does this tell you? This is what I hear: ATTENTION PLEASE, hot spot on the market OPEN. I repeat: hot spot on the market OPEN. In other words: this is the perfect chance for you to develop a quality private label hair dye, that is safe and respectful of the hair’s natural balance, because it’s enriched with protective products that are going to safeguard its softness and shine.

I know, genius.




Why you should develop a private label hair dye for your business

Nothing says “professional” more than someone who listens to and understands their customers: a private label hair dye would be a great business card for your company.


And if you get it right and give your customer a solid product, they’ll ditch whatever other hair dye they’re using and come back to you for more. That’s guaranteed: People. Want. Quality.


So, give them what they want: a private label hair dye that they can trust it won’t ruin their hair forever.


How to develop a private label hair dye

I know you were starting to get your palms sweaty, thinking “How the heck do I develop a private label hair dye?”. Well, you wouldn’t have to do this alone, so don’t worry.


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And today is probably your lucky day, because guess what? We happen to be hair care manufacturers who know exactly how these things work: we can help you develop a great quality private label hair dye for your business.


How we do that? Simple. First, we sit down with you to discuss what you need. Then, we develop a personalized plan, that tackles all aspects of the private label hair dye manufacturing process: from product development, ingredients selection and formulation testing, all the way to design, packaging and marketing.


Everything in our power, to deliver a top-notch private label hair dye. And you know what the best part is? You wouldn’t have to worry about a single thing. We would provide you with the best ingredients, formulations and packaging for your private label hair dye and manufacture a unique product that is going to blow your customers’ minds hair!


What can I say: we’re a do-it-all kind of partner.


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So, if you’re curious to know more about how we can develop a private label hair dye for your business, contact us! We will gladly walk you through the wonders of the private label world.



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