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Private label hair care

Each person is unique, thinks in their own way, follows their own ideas, have their own personal needs. It’s often hard to find a product or a line of products capable of giving you what you really need and solve your problem.

Short sad story: the day comes when you find a brand that truly fits you like a glove. Shortly afterwards you find out that most of their products are derived from petroleum or contain non-biodegradable ingredients. The end.




You realize you're not the only one to go through this, so you decide the time has come to grab the bull by the horn and create your own line. Make sure you know what road you should take and don't rush into a more-or-less job, because it’s OK to have an innovative idea, but this world is not for amateurs.

So you think you have a unique point of view? We’re not just suppliers of cosmetics. We can create a personal hair care line for you, exceeding all of your rosy expectations. We offer targeted consultancy for each creative phase and product launch, and we advise you on the best road to take to reach your goals in the most suitable market.




If you intend to make your brand really competitive and to expand your range of products, here goes a short summary of the indispensable steps you must take to create your new hair care line.

  • Target and competitor analysis: discover who you’re dealing with and how to win over your public before someone else does;
  • Current trend analysis: offer products that follow the trends of the moment to make sure you're the talk of the town;
  • Create brand identity and communication strategy: define the lineaments of your identity and find the right ways to communicate them to your public, convincing them that you really are the answer to all their wishes;
  • Find a research and development lab: work with people who know how to make high-quality products and who are in line with the philosophy of your brand;
  • Find partners and distributors: create a partnership with someone who is in charge of selling your products.

Learn more about this: HERE

You don't have  to face these obstacles alone. Trust our experience!

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Why should you choose us? Just look at our assets:

  • Strict control: we run punctual quality checks and are very demanding when it comes to public health standards;
  • Experience: our portfolio boasts a series of brands sold in more than 90 countries worldwide;
  • Environmental sustainability: we dedicate maximum attention to sustainability when we develop safe, effective cosmetics, in compliance with environmental protection regulations;
  • Education and training: our motto is “never stop learning”, which is why we invest on training and continuous updates.

We don't just want clients, we’re looking for partners with a goal in common: the best relationships are those between collaborators, in a constant exchange of ideas. We’re partner addicted.


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