Sei qui: Plex hair products: the holy grail of every hair dye addict

Plex hair products: the holy grail of every hair dye addict

Who doesn’t love a good hair dye? We all do. It makes you feel edgy and it allows you to experiment with your hair color. Well, while you must feel extremely charming when looking into the mirror, I’m sure your hair must not feel as great. 


It’s everyone’s number one biggest fear when considering to dye their hair: will this make my hair look like a messy ball of hay? The concern is totally legit.

In fact, it's well known that multiple, repetitive hair dyes can literally destroy the core of your hair, leaving you with strands of lifeless, dry hay.

This is because when dying, the hair’s cuticles are lifted to allow the color to penetrate the cortex, which weakens the hair by breaking covalent bonds, making it brittle and prone to breakage.

Also, once the cuticles have been lifted, they never really return to a flat state, leaving the hair more vulnerable to further damage.


How can plex hair products save your hair?

This is where plex hair products come in handy!

The buzz around these products began in LA, of course, back in 2015, when Hollywood stars and social media trendsetters started showing up with a different hair color every week, and their hair still looked glossy and shiny, with no apparent sign of damage. How? HOW?


Well, the answer is: plex hair products.

The acids and polymers contained in plex treatments act as a shield to protect hair bonds, as well as helping to repair broken micro-bonds.


Are plex hair products different from conditioners?

Yes. They work in very different ways: conditioners seal cuticles from outside, giving hair a smooth look; while plex hair products go deeper into the cortex and repair hair from within.

They both end up leaving your hair healthy and shiny, but plex hair products have a longer-lasting effect.

long hair


How to use plex hair products

There are three ways in which you can benefit from plex hair products:  as an additive mixed in with your hair dye; as a primary ingredient already inside the hair dye formula; or conditioners and treatments enriched with plex ingredients. 

All methods help to repair and restructure broken micro-bonds in your hair, helping to create new interlinking bonds for lasting strength.

Dyed hair


In salons, these methods are usually combined together in a 3 step process:

  1. During coloring, a plex serum is added to hair dye to help protect and strengthen hair micro-bonds;
  2. After coloring, a conditioner with plex hair products is applied to seal cuticles and lock hair color;
  3. Three weeks later, a take-home plex hair product is used to reinforce the hair and keep it healthy and glossy.

You don’t need to go through this three-step process every time: plex ingredients can also be found in regular conditioners and treatments to use every time you feel like your hair needs a restructuring boost.

Literally a life saver for dyed and really damaged hair!

So fear no more and go wild with that hair dye: plex hair products will be there to save your…hair!


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