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Organic private label skin care

An organic private label skincare company can turn your ideas into concrete products, it can make your dreams come true with natural and organic solutions for your new skincare line.

Do you want to make a new line of skincare products? If you want to increase the popularity of your brand, expand your catalog or simply keep in step with the times, what you need is an experienced company that can turn your ideas into something concrete, that is familiar with the market’s requirements, and the , to point you to the right direction and develop the best marketing strategy.




Why do we do it? Because we think the best relationship is the one between partners, for an effective and long-lasting collaboration. We don’t want clients. We’re partner addicted.


More than an organic private label skin care

If you’re looking of someone who can formulate a new skincare line with organic, safe and natural ingredients, you’ve come to the right place. But we from HSA aren’t just an organic private label skincare company; we can understand small changes in the market changes and advise you on which characteristics your new products must have in order to be competitive in a saturated market such as the skincare one.


How to create your new skin care product

Your new skincare line should respect your company’s image and must be able to communicate your brand and highlight your assets. What’s your reference target public? What’s your budget? Do you have a formula of your own? We from HSA know the cosmetics market and can help you find the right road towards your dreams, fully respecting the identity of your brand. We make ourselves present from the initial idea to the finished product and, with us, you can choose from among more than 1,000 formulas available.


Our benefits

We’re an Italian organic private level company that can make the skincare line of your dreams. We’re aware of the demands of the skincare world, we’re familiar with international standards, and we can count on a competent and modern laboratory.

  • 50,000 m2 of plants,
  • 1,000 formulas available,
  • 4 R&D laboratories,
  • 172 employees,
  • Presence in 90 countries,
  • 24,000 tubes of paint per year.


What’s the product of your dreams?

Ask our experts



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