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Let’s bust some myths about how to start a natural skin care line

Choosing a natural approach is a great move to launch a new skin care line and we fully support your choice! But here, there and everywhere, the world of cosmetics is peppered with prejudices you shouldn’t listen to before you kick start your project. Read our article and discover our secrets.


There are dozens of myths waiting to be busted when it comes to skin care: toothpaste gets rid of zits, exfoliating a lot will leave your skin healthier, cucumber slices on the eyes are the solution for all kinds of problems... How often have we tried this kind of stuff, only to find out none of it was true?


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The world of cosmetics production is also a part of it. Let's be the mythbusters of skin care today and clear things up a bit.


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Myth no. 1: You must only use natural ingredients

The concept of natural skin care is closely related to that of clean beauty. You don’t necessarily have to use only natural ingredients such as essential oils or plant extracts; you can also add artificial ingredients to your formula. The important thing is that these substances, even if synthetic, are not harmful for our bodies or for the environment.

Natural skin care lines keep a watchful eye on environmental impact, which is why, it goes without saying, their INCIs contain no petrol-derived ingredients, paraffins, formaldehyde or coloring agents of synthetic origin.


Myth no. 2: You must spend a lot of money

As we mentioned in this article, there are things one can do to spend less, all the while maintaining the quality of their products high.

In addition to double-checking your packaging strategy, production lines and more, you can also be smart when choosing the natural ingredients that will be in the formulas of your natural skin care products. For instance, does your line contain a face cream with argan oil? Try replacing it with almond oil and check whether the results you were expecting remain the same.

Talk to the experts and you’ll easily find sustainable alternatives - in terms of ecology as well as of costs.


Myth no. 3: You must know all the secrets of chemistry

You don’t need to be an expert chemist to begin your natural skin care line, of course. There’s no need for you to follow every single production phase. So lay down those pipettes before someone gets hurt.


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The secret is to find a trustworthy, reliable laboratory, perhaps specialized in natural cosmetics. Focusing on nature for your own skin care line is not a child’s play: just like for traditional cosmetics, natural stuff also requires wisely studied and balanced formulas. So make sure you find some highly qualified chemists.


Myth no. 4: No manufacturer of cosmetics can make natural skin care products

You’ve never found the right incentive to produce a natural skin care line because you’ve always believed these products can only be made in small scale? This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Your line can be considered natural even when produced in large, industrial scale. Third-party cosmetics manufacturers are great for all kinds of production and will be happy to help you too, especially when they learn that your skin care line will be environmentally friendly.


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