Sei qui: Learn how to produce cosmetics for men: here’s what they are looking for!

Learn how to produce cosmetics for men: here’s what they are looking for!

The way men care for their beards has changed over time: from counter-culture to indie-rock, all the way to the more diffuse new conception of male beauty. Today’s man takes care of his skin, hair and beard, but always gives preference to simplicity. How can we produce cosmetics that will win the hearts of the male mob? In this article we’ll give you a list of products you should focus on and the ingredients you should use.


Now, more than ever, bearded men show that taking care of their own looks doesn’t mean undermining their masculinity. Quite the contrary! And how lovely is a soft, glossy beard?

From simple care of one’s beard, more and more men are switching their attention to their hair and skin - well, a guy with a magnificent beard but a shaggy head of hair is not exactly a lovely sight; even men themselves have noticed it. Come with us and find out what the 2020 man is looking for.

What do men want when it comes to cosmetics?

True, we’ve told you that men have now begun taking care of their looks, but don’t bother creating a line of cosmetics with too many different products.

We advise you to create formulas that blend several functions into a single product that is also easy to use. Immediate effects and high performances are an added bonus that will earn you like 100 points.


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How to produce cosmetics: formulas you should create

Beard products

Beards have become as important as skin. Hydration is now the number one priority of many men. Which products should you focus on?

Let’s start from the beginning: shaving. What one needs is to moisturize, all the while having enough precision to outline the areas that are to be shaved. A refiner gel is a solution you may want to develop for your line of cosmetic: it’s well-suited to short stubbles as well as to longer beards, and moisturizes during the act of shaving.

For those looking for extra softness, a moisturizing shaving cream is a timeless classic. To keep your beard glowing, oils are perfect to soften and polish with style: a beard oil with natural ingredients is the perfect choice.



Men like to boast their toughness, but many have sensitive skin. Including an aftershave treatment in your line, focused on reducing inflammation, is a must.

How to produce cosmetics that are effective in this manner? We advise you to produce an aftershave gel or serum containing aloe, to return the skin's pH to normal, and moisturizing almond oil.

If you prefer moisturizing creams and fluids, it’s a good idea to add hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, as well as vitamins B3, C, and E.



Men's self-care habits may have changed in the past few years, but if there’s a couple of products that never fade, those are styling waxes and gels. But how to create products that stand out from among the countless ones already in the market?

Go for water-based waxes, perfect to style and protect the hair and to create a decisive look, with or without a wet-hair effect. If you REALLY want to stand out, aim higher: create a formula with a barrier effect that can protect hair from the elements and leaves it shiny and glossy.



Well, yes, men have learned to demand more when it comes to skincare for the whole body. A solution that everyone agrees on? A multi-purpose body lotion that is easy to absorb but is not too runny.

Which ingredients should it contain? In our experience, cocoa butter and shea butter are the trump cards you should use, then adding deliciously scented essential oils.

Keep an eye on the scents: pick sophisticated and pleasant ones, not the usual man-smell you can find in pretty much every shampoo or shower gel for men (do you think they get together and decide on the same fragrance to use?)


And now, it’s time for production

Now you know which ingredients you should use to create the perfect cosmetics, all you have to do is find a cosmetic company that has all the requisites you’re looking for.

In this article we’ve disclosed a few secrets of the trends for 2020, but our skills go much further. Become our partner and win the market with your line of cosmetics!


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