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How to start a hair product line that makes you faster than everyone else

The hair care business travels by race motorbike, while you're sitting in a cab in bad traffic. It’s not only hard to be in step with the times: you're also paying quite dearly for that ride. A ride with a grumpy driver, too.

If you want to create a new line of hair products, you must first understand how to elbow your way into a world where new and innovative products pop up regularly in a huge, fiercely competitive market. Follow our advice and plan a strategy that will turn your taxi into a splendid flying carpet (a private jet sounded a bit too much for us).


Do you want to learn all the secrets of hair care even before this article begins? That's the way we like it.




The starting point

Before you find yourself stuck in traffic or turning into a cul-de-sac, take a good look at where you are right now and at the itinerary you’ll need to cover to get to your destination.

Assess your competition, find the added value you have to offer, and discover a niche where you can settle your new hair product line. You might be the new answer to the problem of rebel ultra-curly hair, or to the fragile hair of an older public. Choose from among the “minorities” the ones that need you the most, and be their definitive solution.


Plan the route

There’s always a taxi driver who knows every single shortcut of the city you're at, just like there’s always the right team that can take you where you want in the shortest possible time. Without nasty surprises. A marketing team that specializes in cosmetics, a sparkling laboratory and a distributor for your product line are everything you need.

Start with a few well-targeted products, then gradually expand your line, all the while keeping in mind the requests of your reference target. If necessary, test your product on a sample of consumers and then reap their precious feedback.

Choose a suitable price for your products, keeping in mind the positioning you have decided to adopt.

Accurately choose the name and the packaging for your line of hair products: these will be your image and the benefits that your products will give to your clients’ hair.




Choose your means of transportation

Whatever the target for your hair care line, give preference to natural products, or at least ingredients that are harmless for the environment. It’s OK to travel at full speed, but take the time to create non-aggressive, non-polluting products.

And since there’s so many of us sitting in the terrible traffic of pretty much every large city in the world, why not develop an anti-pollution line, the latest trend for the hair care and protection?




Be fast!

You're not the only one who needs to be in step with the time - which flies, by the way. Your public is always in a hurry too! Make sure you don't break their rhythm as you guarantee them a hair care comme il faut. Check with your laboratory and study a formula that works faster than a green traffic light downtown.


inbound9 -2-1

Dedicate some time to formulas that act on several fronts at once: in the hair care world, this means creating products that guarantee immediate, concrete results, such as instant coloring waxes that are fully washable, o products that work as shampoo, conditioner and support for dyed hair, all at once.


Don't get lost in the traffic of cosmetics.

Choose a partner that travels at light speed and create your new hair product line.

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