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How to start a cosmetic line with no money: our tips

So you’ve decided to dive in: you want to launch a cosmetic line with your signature on it. The only problem is, you don’t have enough money to do things exactly the way you want. What should you do then?


Don’t get us wrong, dear cosmetics producer wannabe: one does not simply start a cosmetic line from scratch without spending any money. Do you by any chance see a pair of shining wings on our back and a magic wand in our hand? Exactly.




Although we do know how to create magic formulas for your cosmetics, we’re not your fairy godmother, alas. What we CAN tell you, however, is how to invest correctly without spending more money than you should. Trust us: you will fly too, and without any fairy dust required.


Before you continue your reading: do you know all the necessary steps to get your cosmetics line started?


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Use existing formulas

Shhhhh... We’ll tell you a secret: many cosmetics manufacturers use stock formulas to which they make tiny modifications - just enough to make their product different from all others. In fact, adding or removing a single ingredient is enough to personalize a product that isn’t particularly complex.




It may sound shady, but trust us, there’s nothing wrong with it, and you can do the same to begin your cosmetics line! These are formulas that anyone can use for the products of their own line. These are pre-made formulas developed by professionals of the sector, made available in databases that are easy to consult. You can add any ingredients you want to these formulas.

Of course, this is a temporary solution to take your first steps and start your own cosmetics line with little money. The next goal should be to create your own formula and to perfect it as you go.


Trust a highly competent partner

When it comes to producing, it’s hard - perhaps impossible - to NOT spend money. This phase requires some amount of expenses; there’s no way to avoid it.



To spend as little as possible, we advise you to choose a highly competent partner that will take care of producing your line of cosmetics. Don’t be afraid to face a bigger initial investment than you had in mind: trust professionals of the sector and you’ll avoid the risk of making big mistakes you may need to spend even more to remedy.

You’ll also be sure to be creating high-quality products, a fundamental factor to make sure your clients like your products and suggest them to others.


Use basic packaging

For your first line of cosmetics, it’s OK to use basic graphics and forgo avant-garde, futuristic packaging. But today is your lucky day: the trend for 2020 is very simple, essential packaging, so you don’t necessarily be a genius of the arts to create a product that is perfectly in line with the current trends.

Focus on simple materials and standard shapes for the bottles or jars: it may sound like a banal piece of advice, but it will remarkably cut down on your production costs.

When your business begins to flourish and your sales begin to rise, go ahead and hire packaging masters who will be able to come up with top-level stuff!


Use crowdfunding

You’ll need money for the first boost at least, to buy materials, for a venue and more. It has to come from somewhere. But you won’t want to tap into your children’s college funds, of course. How to get a hold of money, then?

Sharing your project on a crowdfunding platform can be an effective solution. If your brand has something unique to offer, it won’t be hard to find someone to support your startup with a small contribution. Just think of all those errand souls wandering the world in search of the perfect product to solve their hair or skin problems!


One last piece of advice.



Use most of your energy and budget to focus on product development. All the rest will come later. If you decide to trust a single accomplice to take charge of the entire process, even better.


Don’t waste energy and money uselessly. Become our partner!


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