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How to create a personalized hair care line

Everyone on this earth has spent at least 30 minutes of their lives staring blankly into the haircare isle of a drugstore, waiting for a divine sign that would point them in the direction of the right haircare product. I could bet money on this one. People are over generic haircare products, trust me! There’s an open spot in the market for personalized haircare, why not take it? Now’s the time!

Personalized haircare products are slowly but surely making their way up to the top of the market, and that’s no surprise. Regular shampoos and conditioners only tackle one, maybe two (if you’re lucky) of your everyday hair concerns: dryness, dandruff, split ends, frizz, volume. But what if you have more than one?

Traditional haircare products have forced us to flood our showers and bathroom cabinets with a thousand and more different products, which is not feasible, cost-effective or environmentally friendly in any way. They just take up so much space and you never really get to the bottom of the bottle anyways, because they’re never really “the one”. There’s always something missing there and you just end up building up a lot of trash. Just like with bad dating.


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Why personalized haircare products are no joke

So, why not commit to a different approach? One that not only respects the environment, but is much more convenient for your customers, not to mention appealing.

Why appealing? Because there’s a certain level of comfort that comes from knowing that a product has been sourced specifically for you. It’s not just about seeing your name on the bottle - that’s cute - it’s about the whole process: to know that that’s your formula, and yours only, specifically manufactured to answer your hair goals. Don’t you think your customers would love that?

At this point, is the extra money even a problem? Because yes, personalized haircare products are a little pricier than regular products, but think about it this way: your customers would actually stop wasting money, because they’d finally commit to one right product, instead of going around purchasing 10 different wrong products, condemning themselves to endless bad hair days.

And who wouldn’t want to stop wasting money? I know I would.


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How to start a personalized haircare line

Now that you know why you should do it, let’s move on to how you can do it. There are 3 things that you can come up with to make a personalized haircare line:


1. Find out what they want

First things first: ask your customers about their hair. However, don’t give them options: most people are not as beauty savvy as to being able to tell you what their hair needs. Just ask them questions regarding their hair health, in general: like “does your scalp ever feel itchy?”, or “after washing, how long before your hair starts getting oily again?”, or “when you run a hand through your hair, how many strands do you see in your palm?”.

Then, you can ask them about their lifestyle: physical activity, stress level, diet; and even where they live: this will give you a good picture of the levels of pollution and water hardness.

All these factors put together in a not too shabby, not too lengthy questionnaire should do the trick.


2. IRL talks with a professional

If you can pull it off, you can set up IRL sessions with haircare professionals. People love to talk about their problems and I’m sure your customers would love to talk about their hair goals with a trichology expert who can develop the perfect formula for them. The human contact, compared to the online quiz, would make your customers feel even more appreciated and cared for.


3. Intuitive App

If you’re more of a tech person, technology today can do literal miracles! For example, you can set up an Intuitive App that, by scanning your hair and scalp, can tell you exactly what formula you need in order to achieve your hair goals.

Oh, and I forgot, there’s also a #4.


4. Get a partner

It’s all fun and games until you actually have to do all of this. Alone. So, get yourself a partner who can help you develop the previous 3 points.

That's me

A cosmetic manufacturer who has been in the cosmetic business for a very long time and knows how to help you create a successful personalized haircare line.

*Cough* Yes, us. We’re the perfect team for the job.


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