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How to create a hair product: 5 steps to consider before diving in the deep

Before you dive head first into the launching of your hair product, have you done your homework? Make sure you have a very clear plan to follow. These are the 5 steps we suggest you follow.


Yes, we know you’re going crazy already trying to find an army of influencers to contact in order to promote your miraculous shampoo, but first things first, please. Better be sure to be offering a perfect product from all points of you before you present it to the world like Rafiki did to Simba, right? There’s no need to rush things.



Do you need help with this? Before you continue, we suggest your download our very useful “instructions of use”.




Here go the 5 steps we think you should take before you spread your wings and fly.


#1 - Focus on the purpose of your hair product

What’s the main purpose of your product? It may sound like a banal question, but many manufacturers don’t have a clear idea of what their unique selling proposition should be - their added value. The last thing you want is to end up in the black hole of hair care together with hundreds of other brands that promise the same results, right?




This question is crucial, therefore, as it helps not only lay the foundation for the formula of your hair product, but also for really effective communication.


#2 - Create prototypes

Baby steps. Make as many attempts as you need: try, get it wrong, celebrate positive results, get angry for those who fail. Don’t tear your hair out if you don’t find the perfect formula right at first (it would be nice to have enough hair left on your head to actually test the product you’re creating, right?): this is the kind of work that requires constancy and dedication. Remember what Thomas Edison said at his umpteenth failed attempt to invent the light bulb?


“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”


Far from us hoping you get to 10,000 prototypes that don't work, but you got the gist of it! Think positive!


#3 - Test your products on volunteers

Do the “general test” on a group of people that won’t mince their words, volunteers that are straightforward enough to tell you exactly what they love about your product and what they think doesn’t work.

Direct contact with those who may be your target public is a precious thing. Never underestimate this step of the creation process for your hair product.




#4 - Optimize the formula of your hair product

Did anyone’s hair catch fire? Or turned a beautiful cobalt blue? Or, more simply, did your product fail to have that “wow” effect you wanted for the hair of your fearless volunteers? You still have time to adjust your formula. Don’t panic.

Ask advice to laboratory experts who can pinpoint a problem and offer the solution you need.


#5 - Production on a large scale

Make sure everything is in order, because once your hair product is sent to production, there’s no going back.

So the main decision is to choose whether you should produce at your own plant or to choose a third-party cosmetics manufacturer.




Step #0? Find a partner that takes care of everything so you don't worry about all your failed attempts. We are partner addicted!


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