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How to come up with unforgettable name ideas for your cosmetic line

What is the first thing that consumers will know about your cosmetic line? Obviously, its name. And their choice of whether to give it shot or move on will (also) be influenced by its name. And if they find it has a nice ring to it, they’ll definitely be more likely to think “Mmh, nice! I need to try this.”

Naming a brand-new cosmetic line has never been an easy task. And unless you’re lucky enough to get that out of the blue, sudden, lightning strike kind of inspiration while you’re taking a shower or cooking dinner, it can take up a considerable amount of time and energy.

But that’s why we’re here: to help you out with a list of tips and things you need to consider in order to make the process of naming your cosmetic line a little faster, easier and why not, fun!


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1. Reflect your personality

Do some good old fashioned brainstorming and choose 5 core values that represent your brand’s personality. Not 4, not 6. Five values in which your brand believes in and that reflect its essence. These values not only represent your brand, but (if you’ve done your homework right) they should also be values in which your ideal buyer persona believes in.

Think about words that foster these core values; words that sound appealing to your potential customer and trigger an inner sense of trust and peacefulness. And remember: write them all down. Nothing goes to waste at this stage.




2. Play with words

Now that you have a nice and plump group of words, go through them. Identify the ones that you feel are the most promising or significant and play with them: put them together, break them apart, stitch them back up. Play with rhymes and alliterations. If one of your core values is sassiness or sarcasm, puns are always a fun twist.

Repeat these words an insane amount of times, to make sure it’s an easily pronounceable name, up to the point where it makes no sense to you anymore and you start wondering about the meaning of life on earth. You know what I’m saying?


What is life?


3. Don’t forget to do your research

Before you get all hyped up about a killer name you’ve come up with, only to find out it’s already been taken, do your research!

Select a few of the most promising names from your list and google them: see what pops up. If you click enter and all sorts of questionable pictures come up, well then maybe you might have to rule that one out and move on to the next one. Just an idea.


4. Stand out

Once you’ve made sure that none of your potential names are either questionable or already taken, identify the one that would make you stand out the most. Remember: your cosmetic line’s name needs to be unique. When hearing it, your customers need to make an immediate connection to you, and only you.




5. Make it short and sweet

Your cosmetic line’s name can’t be overly lengthy, of course. Imagine having to write that on a small packaging: a long name would make things complicated for everyone involved. So instead, go for a short, simple, yet catchy name that can foster the right meaning, without using an insane amount of words.

That’s it: choose words instead of whole phrases. Something that grasps the attention and that is easy to remember.


6. You MUST love it

Once you’ve completed the process and picked the name that you feel checks out all the right boxes, make sure you are absolutely in love with it. Why? Because you’ll have to use it all the time. You’ll have to put it everywhere: on your website, on your communication, emails, newsletters, packaging, social media…all of it!

So if you yourself don’t love it, who do you think will?




Once you have the right one figured out, you’ll know. You know what they say: when you know, you know. It’ll feel right, from every possible perspective. And now go trademark it ASAP, before someone else steals it away from you!


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