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How do you start a new line of hair products?

Growing up, you’ve always dreamed about launching your own hair line. Selecting the best ingredients, designing the packaging…what a dream! And now that you’re all grown up and have enough capital to invest in this project of yours, there’s one question that stands between you and your dream: how do you start a new line of hair products? Well, let us answer that for you.

First things first: get a partner that you can rely on. A big brother, a guardian angel, a light in the darkness – whatever makes you feel safe – that will guide you through this process and help you choose the right path to follow.




The hair care industry is growing at a fast pace, every day, and it’s pretty easy to get lost and tangled between all of the (not so) little things that you have to consider when starting a new line of hair products. A partner by your side would make sure that you keep up with the plan and also have your back with whatever curve ball might be thrown at you.

Once that is settled, everything else will be a piece of cake.


Easy Peasy


How do you start a new line of hair products? Follow these 5 steps

Now that you have a partner by your side, you can put your entrepreneur hat on and get to work. There are 5 main things you need to consider that will determine the success of your hair line:


1. Identify a target audience

Hair is all different, therefore it needs different products. So pick a niche, however small, and talk to it. Think about it: is it better to be ok at many things or the absolute best at one thing? When it comes to the hair care industry, the latter is definitely the winner.

Your product will be successful only if it will be able to identify and answer the needs of a very specific target audience. Developing a product that virtually talks to everyone would be as effective as talking to the wind.


2. Know your competition

In this industry, competition is very real. For this reason, you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. What if someone develops a product that’s similar to yours? You need to find something that will differentiate your hair line from all competition.


Be different


3. Choose a core mission

You need to know why you’re doing this. Your intention in the business must spark from some sort of belief or need. State it, loud and clear! Your core mission has to be out there for your audience to understand, especially if they can relate to it. Remember: emotional involvement is far stronger than any logic. 


4. Pick a kickass name

This will be your business card, the first thing that people will know about you. In order to be effective, your hair line’s name has to be catchy, original and memorable. True, but not only that! It also has to allow your target audience to know what you do. A little sneak peek into the mission of your business.


5. Design a bomb packaging

As you know, the quality of the product means nothing without a packaging that is pleasing to the eye. In order to be effective, your packaging needs to reflect the personal taste of your target audience and also visually communicate the mission of your business. So, it can be anything – minimalistic, baroque, modern, retro – as long as it pleases your target audience and it’s true to your mission.


These are the main things that you’ll have to consider when starting a new line of hair products. Your partner will take care of everything else.  Not bad, uh?


Not bad


Everything comes easier with someone by your side.


If you’re looking for a partner to stand by you every step of the way, contact us! We’re here to help you start your own line of hair products.



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