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Healthy ageing skincare tips for healthy men

Men generally have less time and desire to stand in front of the mirror and cleanse their face skin, less perseverance in applying the right cream, not to mention a mask.



Yet even man's skin ages.



For the man who wants to follow a healthier lifestyle, including an EASY anti-aging treatment for the skin, here is our EASY advice.




Step 1: wash your face

To cleanse your face, my friend, the perfect solution is Duo Cleanser because in a single move, you perform dual function:

  • Remove impurities that have accumulated on your face during the night (when you use it in the morning) and during the day (when you use it in the evening);
  • Tone and refresh your skin.

The Cleanser Duo is in the form of a gel and is fresh, light and slightly scented. In addition to mild surfactants, it contains prebiotics and probiotics that help your skin strengthen and combat aging.



Step 2: the shower

What if I told you we formulated an anti-pollution product that is extremely easy and comfy to use? If you don't believe it, try the Pollution Free Hair&Body Shower Gel: just apply it under the shower and rinse quickly to clean your body's skin of smog, smoke and fine dust particles that stick.

In 5 minutes, as always, you will be out of the shower, clean but also protected: the feeling of freshness is immediate and the skin remains hydrated and soft.



Step 3: the spray

You can use it while you're queuing up in the car, while you're going down the stairs in a hurry, while you're reading the newspaper waiting for the subway, but also outdoors to refresh your skin while you're doing your daily run: it's a spray, what can you imagine more comfortable than that?

And, thanks to the formulation based on Zeolite and Watercress extract, Face Urban Shield protects your skin from smog and all external agents that attack it, destroying its protective barrier, suffocating it and oxidizing it: in a word, aging it.



Step 4: the regenerating serum (which you don't have to use every night)

I know that never and never will you remember to use the night cream every night; so, let's do this: let me introduce you Boosting Concentrate! It's our concentrated serum you can apply even just 1-2 times a week because, each time, it gives your skin a boost of life and nourishment.

It is rich in retinol (that increases cell turnover), vitamin C (that activates the formation of collagen), prebiotics and probiotics (which protect and nourish the skin microbiota): in short, it has a smoothing, renewing and enlightening action.



Your skincare routine for healthy ageing is over, man: it's easy, isn't it? It's just 4 steps, but very, very effective. If you want to see all the other products in our range, take a look at our website.

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