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Have more fun with blonde semi-permanent hair color

At some point in their lives, everyone has been debating whether to color their hair blonde or not. Broke up with the boyfriend? Get blonde hair. Got a new job? Get blonde hair. Just had a new baby? Get blonde hair. I don’t know what it is with blonde hair and change, but it’s a thing.

You get fixated on that sun kissed, surfer’s look and once that idea is seeded in your brain, there is no convincing that is going to stop you from doing it.

Also, blondes have more fun right? So, why not give it a shot with a blonde semi-permanent hair color? A semi-permanent hair color blonde allows you to experiment with a new shade without actually committing to the color permanently.


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If you don’t like it, you can take comfort in the fact that it’ll wash off in a few shampoos. If you love it, you can either keep up with the semi-permanent hair color or move on to the corresponding permanent dye for a more lasting change.


What is semi-permanent hair color blonde?

For people who are new to this, here is an easy explanation of what a blonde semi-permanent hair color is and how it works. So easy that even a blonde can get it.

A blonde semi-permanent hair color is the perfect compromise for people who are curious to switch up their hair color but fear the consequences of a permanent hair dye. While permanent dye penetrates the core of your hair, semi-permanent hair color just coats the hair’s outer shaft.

If you reeeeeally feel the urge to go blonde ASAP or just have to (because those damn whites are coming in fast) and can’t make it to the salon, blonde semi-permanent hair color is a super easy application process to do at home: it doesn’t require pre-mixing and it can be applied on hair straight from the applicator.

Not only that: semi-permanent hair color is also free of ammonia and bleach, which means that semi-permanent hair color blonde is not only short-term, but also a non-damaging way to become the Goldie Locks you’ve always wanted to be.


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How long does blonde semi-permanent hair color last?

Usually, a blonde semi-permanent hair color lasts up to 8 shampoos. The timespan of it really depends on how often you tend to wash your hair.

In order to preserve your semi-permanent hair color blonde for a while, you can choose to cut down on regular shampoo and resource to dry shampoo for a less invasive cleanse or you can use shampoo and conditioner systems that are specifically formulated for color treated hair.


Can blonde semi-permanent hair color be applied on black hair?

Sure, blonde semi-permanent hair color on black hair is totally doable. However, anyone who has black hair and wants to go blonde has to know that there is a necessary evil that they have to go through first: bleaching. Which means, stripping hair of their natural color so that the new color can adhere better. And this process is especially invasive for people who have dark hair and want to go full on Pamela Anderson.


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However, a blonde semi-permanent hair color can be a good way to maintain your hair blonde after bleaching, without damaging it further with a permanent dye, containing ammonia.


Does semi-permanent hair color work on blonde hair?

On the other hand, it’s obviously much easier to apply semi-permanent hair color on blonde hair, because a light base can avoid bleaching and still catch the color perfectly. So, in this case, a semi-permanent hair color blonde can be used to add gloss to dull-looking light hair. It won’t make much of a difference color-wise but light hair will look much fresher and shinier.

Nothing is forever, so why should hair color be?


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