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Happy scalp, happy life: how a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair

The saying goes “happy wife, happy life”: well, we think that needs to be revised a little. When it comes to healthy hair, many people tend to underestimate the importance of a healthy scalp. Hello: those two are as intertwined as the white and red strips on a candy cane. Let us show you how.


How many of you, when thinking about hair care, immediately picture long shiny, Rapunzel style strands of hair? If we could, we would see a lot of hands raised right now.

There is a shared belief that the health of our hair stands in its core: if you can repair that, you’re good. This is not entirely wrong: repairing damaged core and ends can lead to healthier looking hair; but why start from the end, when you can start at the beginning?

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Your hair grows out of your scalp: duh! I know, I know, but please follow me on this one. Think about your scalp as a fertile ground: if the soil is well watered and cared for, hair will sprout, grow strong and thrive. But what if the soil is dry, flaky and left to suffocate in weeds? Nothing healthy can ever grow out of that.

Get it now?


Get it now?


So, the journey to healthy hair actually starts from a healthy scalp. If that’s healthy and strong, then everything else will follow.


How to maintain a healthy scalp

Here is a list of ways on how to maintain a healthy scalp and ideal products that you could implement in order to achieve this goal:

1. Exfoliate

Sounds weird, but if you think about it: scalp is just an extension of your face; and like the skin of any other part of your body, scalp needs to be exfoliated too! Just like the pores on your face can get clogged, buildup of dead skin cells and leftover products can do the same to the hair follicle, causing the hair to thin and become frail.

In order to avoid that, you can implement products such as pre-shampoo serums that can help cleanse the scalp from buildup and excessive sebum, while keeping it moisturized.

P.s. DO NOT use regular exfoliator on your head. Please.

2. Use gentle products

Many shampoos still contain harsh products such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which can strip essential oils out of your hair and leave you scalp feeling drier than the Sahara Desert and itchy like a bag of fleas.

In order to get rid of that annoying sensation, you can focus on gentle, clean products that do not contain harsh, harmful chemicals that are toxic for both our health and the environment, such as PEGs and parabens.

Clean formulated calming shampoo and conditioner can help you soothe the scalp, while keeping it hydrated.

Curious to know which are the most common harmful chemicals and how you can get rid of them forever? You might find this article very interesting: Clean beauty products: let’s detox from harmful chemicals!

3. Avoid excessive heat

Unfortunately, it’s happened at least once to everyone to have their scalp burned while getting a (bad) blow-dry. But most of us underestimate the damage of something like that.

Well, excessive heat can make the hydration of your scalp evaporate completely, leaving it extremely sensitive and dry. So, if you can, avoid blow-drying altogether; but if you can’t, at least make sure that the heat is directed down the hair shaft and to at the scalp.




So remember: when it comes to haircare, “happy scalp, happy life” is the way to go.

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