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Hair mask for colored hair: goodbye fried strands!

Someone once said: life is too short to have boring hair. And while it’s a great feeling to walk out of the hair salon with a fresh bleached blonde, a rich dark chocolate or a romantic pastel pink on your head, do you have any idea how much hair coloring can actually damage your hair?

If it’s not your first rodeo, then you’re already familiar with all the downsides of hair coloring. If it is, well here it goes: hair coloring can leave your hair feeling dry, stretchy, dull and literally rougher than a horse’s tail. And using any generic product on it can risk washing off your hair color.


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So, whether you’re looking at a one-time process, highlights, balayage or a full head, there is definitely going to be the need for a color treated hair mask to tackle all that chemical damage, without ruining all the good coloring work.


What is a hair mask for color treated hair

A hair mask is much like a conditioner, but on steroids! Rich, thick and creamy. Hair masks contain a higher concentration of the active ingredients that your hair needs. And while conditioners make your hair LOOK soft and glossy for a while, hair masks go deeper into the hair to restore its health from within, and make it FEEL great in a more permanent way.

Every hair type needs a little masking from time to time, especially if it’s overly processed and very long.


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How a color treated hair mask works

Here is a step-by-step masking routine for color treated hair:

  • Put a little bit of product on damp, shampooed hair, through your mids and ends (if you have more of an oily scalp) or on the entire strand (if your hair is uniformly dry);
  • Run through your hair with a wide tooth comb, to make sure that every bit of it is fully bathed in product;
  • Let it sit for as long as you can. In the meantime, you can do a body scrub, shave your legs or simply do some quality thinking about your life and why you sent that text to your ex 5 years ago, and then rinse off.

The masking process generally takes a little bit longer than conditioning, but the results are definitely worth the time!


Pro tips about hair mask for colored hair

Some hair types (I’m thinking thick, long curls, for example) should consider switching from conditioners to hair masks altogether. While for finer hair, it’s better to stick to a twice a week thing: hair masks are generally heavier than conditioners and can cause fine hair to feel great but look limp.

Also, when talking about haircare, is always better to choose safe, non-toxic ingredients; but when it comes to color treated hair, it’s especially preferable to choose sulfate-free hair masks, because sulfates strip color faster. So, in order to preserve your freshly applied hair color, go for clean haircare products. They will save your hair from damage and protect your hair color. What else?


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With a nice hair mask for color treated hair, your hair will feel soft and nourished once again. And, most importantly, your hair color will be perfectly preserved, as glossy as freshly out of the hair salon.


If you’re looking for a partner that manufactures hair masks for colored hair, contact us! We will show you all the advantages of a quality color treated hair mask.



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