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Go towards 2022 and 2023 with these skincare market trends

Skincare market trends change every day: some of them make huge rounds and come back like a boomerang, others have become part of our lives and won’t leave soon. But there are also trends that were never seen and that are currently shaping the competitive landscape that is the beauty industry. So, keep up with 2022 and 2023 skincare market trends with us! Read all about them here.


Here's what we'll cover in this article:

Have you noticed too that these past few years we have seen an important shift towards skincare and its products? It seems like the health of the whole body has finally started to be one of the main focuses in people, with skincare being a priority.

Consumers becoming more concerned about the appearance of their faces, of course, contribute to shaping the beauty industry, setting new skincare market trends that respond to their needs. Want to know what we’re talking about? Keep scrolling.

The growth of skincare market: how has it changed over the years

Even if the Covid-19 pandemic has affected overall global markets, the skincare industry has grown significantly over these past few years – and it keeps growing. The demand for beauty products has increased and consumers are more aware of skincare market trends.

According to the most recent research, people are looking for products that can help them cope with pollution, weather variations, and impurities that can affect the health of their skin. This is why words like nourishing, moisturizing, and cleansing have become very popular.

This led to ever-changing skincare market trends: at first, we were concerned only with hydration or damage repair, now our needs have diversified and there are endless skincare possibilities to explore.

What the beauty industry has noticed is also a psychological factor: people using skincare and following its market trends tend to become more confident, empowered, and happy. That’s the self-esteem coming from feeling good about ourselves and our skin!

Finally, the main key trends in the skincare market remain closely linked to age and wealth, but we have also seen a huge rise in younger generations being interested in beauty cosmetics: Millennials and Gen Z are starting to care about their skin too, and this has helped shape the cosmetic market even more.


Which skincare market trends have we witnessed thus far?

Over the past years, we have seen many skincare market trends coming and going. Some of them, though, are bound to come back, as well as others are going to stay for a few more years before making space for others.

Let’s see four evergreen skincare market trends:

Natural vs. synthetic ingredients in skincare

Yep, clean, natural, organic skincare have become a huge market trend in the past few years. The debate over “which one of these is better?” hasn’t been settled, though. That’s because there are still many misconceptions about natural and synthetic ingredients.

Natural skincare is a market segment composed of those who only want to use natural ingredients on their skin. There’s a popular misbelief saying that this is the best skincare routine ever, but it’s not that accurate.

Of course, natural ingredients are good for the skin, but not all of them: there are also natural components that do not work for the skin. Conversely, not all synthetic ingredients are bad for the health, because some of them can help recover from skin damage.

So, even if natural skincare is a huge market share, you should not discard any other skincare routine containing synthetic ingredients, because it can be valid too.

DIY skincare treatments

Even after the pandemic, DIY products are still a big skincare market trend – and will continue to be in the future. People have become acquainted with at-home treatments and it seems like they never want to go back!

Actually, they’re easy and quick to use in the complete comfort of our own home. So we totally get why they have become a skincare market trend very fast.

These products can also be an effective alternative to professional treatments. In fact, the most sought-after DIY skincare concerns damage-repairing, hydrating, and beautifying formulas.



Pre and probiotics

Pre and probiotics are good bacteria that help the skin find the optimal balance in terms of immunity, pH levels, and plumpiness. This skincare market trend is also appreciated because it’s the perfect ally to cope with irritation, acne, rashes, and eczemas.

Nope, these teeny weeny friends are not harmful at all! Personal care products containing pre and probiotics – instead – are very much helpful and effective.

Eco-friendly skincare products

This is probably the biggest skincare market trend we have witnessed thus far. Eco-friendly products have drawn the attention of a great number of consumers. As our planet Earth needs to be taken care of just as our bodies, people have become concerned with this issue.

This has translated into the demand for formulations that are cruelty-free, vegan, bio, or that have little to no impact on the environment. So, skincare brands that want to answer the needs of their target consumers should be very careful in their manufacturing process!

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New skincare market trends that the future holds

Now it’s time to see what the future looks like in the beauty industry. Let’s see three global skincare market trends that are gonna be featured in 2022, 2023, and beyond!

Formulations containing supplements

Supplements are usually known to help our body feel stronger and be integrated with components we lack. The absorption of supplements by our body can also have great effects on our skin’s health! But remember to use supplements wisely!

So, a skincare market trend that’s depopulating lately is cosmetic products made with supplements that can be supplied:

  • in powder
  • high-powered
  • in gummies
  • in capsules

What are the main supplements used in skincare formulations? Of course, vitamins! Vitamins C, D, and E, for example, help boost the health of your skin and its natural repair process.

Skincare for men

Did you think skincare was only a women's thing? Please, don’t be offensive! Men care about skin care too! And it shows in recent research, where a surge of interest in men’s cosmetics was witnessed.

In the next few years, this skincare market trend is destined to grow even more, because brands have understood the importance of products specifically designed for men’s care, such as those that help improve skin hydration, cleansing, and of course beard care!

As a first-time approach, men’s skincare must not be underestimated. Making men feel good about themselves – physically and mentally – will boost their confidence but also their attention to prevention, mostly in terms of aging-related skin issues.



Finally, skin minimalism is a skincare market trend born in these past months, but it is mostly set to blow up in 2022 and 2023. The quest for simple, pure, and effective formulations on behalf of consumers has not ended yet.

Products like moisturizers, ointments, masks, and creams are now developed only with essential ingredients. There’s no need to overload formulas with useless components when you can achieve the same results with fewer ingredients!

Less has always been more, and so will be for skincare and upcoming market trends related to it.

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