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Get super cool cosmetic brand name ideas out of your brain

So you’ve officially decided to make an impression in the world of cosmetics? Welcome to the club! But now you must face one of the most decisive phases for the success of your business: choosing the perfect brand name.

In the skincare and hair care industry, it’s important to find a brand name that immediately communicates the added values of the products you’ll launch in the market, a name that people will commit to memory even after a quick glance at a banner.

In general, it should be simple, easy to remember and to write, and it must sound good when said out loud, even when it contains one or more foreign words.
To find the right idea, first of all focus on the positioning of the product and on the range of values your brand must communicate to the public. The rest will come by itself.

But how do we get to this almighty insight? Check out these ideas for your brainstorming.



What image would you like your brand to be associated to?

Create an association of ideas with a symbol that incarnates the values you wish to communicate, or that are connected to the benefits whoever uses your cosmetics will reap.

Do you want to communicate endless gentleness? Choose the name of a flower or of a precious fabric. Do you want to communicate you have plenty of determination, thank you? Perhaps go for a very tough music genre or an indomitable element of nature.

There are no right or wrong choices. Sit with a blank sheet of paper in front of you and start jotting down whatever comes to your mind. Then pick your favorite.


What’s the philosophy of your brand?

If you care about expressing a precise added value of your brand, consider choosing a single word associated to this value. Especially if you have decided to produce an environmentally friendly line: choose groups of words that will immediately be associated to the “green” world, and you’ll draw the attention of the client niche you're focusing on.

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What are your passions?

If your life includes passions you’ve been cultivating like, forever, why not use them as sources of interesting ideas for your brand name? For instance, if you're a movie lover, mentally scan the list of the films you've seen. Which quote would you associate to your brand of cosmetics?

Let’s put it this way: if you know all the lines of Pulp Fiction by heart, what could possibly be better than having products named after Vega or Wallace?


Give it your name or surname

What is it that many brands have in common - especially the high-end ones? Designers who give their own name and surname to the brand of cosmetics they represent. Maybe a touch narcissistic, but it’s a classic choice that communicates strength and authority.

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Of course, if your name is John Doe or Debbie Downer, or if you have a mile-long list of family names with a ton of consonants... Perhaps it's a good idea to choose something else.



Have you decided to create your line of cosmetics with a group of founding partners? To avoid leaving someone out (which will likely have lifelong consequences), perhaps consider the idea of creating your brand name using the first letters or syllables of your names.


Brand name generator

If you’re simply at a loss and nothing else helps, trust fate. There are many websites available with random brand name generators, working with input words you provide, some more random than others (well, if you DO decide to trust fate, why not go all the way, right?)


Or listen to us: stop beating around the bush and have someone do the dirty work for you. Period.

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