Sei qui: Discover the main trends that will take part in cosmetics third party manufacturing next year

Discover the main trends that will take part in cosmetics third party manufacturing next year

2019 is coming to an end. Should we try to recap this year’s beauty trends? What will be taking with us into the new year? What will we leave behind? And, finally, what are the novelties that await us? We of HSA, as third party manufacturers of cosmetics, already know where the big brands are going. Curious? Hop onto our time machine and discover the novelties that wait us in 2020!


2019 has no doubt been a year full of plot twists. In particular, when it comes to third party manufacturing, we were surprised by a general willingness to return to simple things. A trend towards a renewed minimalism that wants to emphasize the actual efficacy of a cosmetic formula, without the need for frills and glitter.

Consumers are looking for products that do their job effectively, respecting the health of consumers and of the world around them. Simple, right?



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So let’s stop beating around the bush and go straight to the point.

From the 2019 beauty trends most appreciated by the big brands, the ones we’ll be taking with us into 2020 all yell “simplification!”. We’ll give you three in particular:

  • Skinification
  • Fast beauty
  • Clean beauty


We usually think of hair care and skin care as two separate worlds. But if you stop to think, hair grows from scalp. And our scalp is, well, skin. Right? 

This is why in 2019 the big names of cosmetics have embraced the skinification philosophy and were committed to bring these two worlds closer together, trusting third-party cosmetic manufacturers to create products, usually associated to skin care, suitable for the care of the scalp.

Creams, serums and masks designed specifically for the scalp, which is worthy of the same care and attention we usually reserve to the skin. And last but not least... Well, if the “soil” is good, the hair can’t help but grow strong and healthy.


Fast beauty

How often have you heard “Ain’t nobody got time for that” as a response to a general question or request? Let me guess: too many times to count.

It’s the way things are these days. The world spins fast and will certainly not pause to wait for you and your 90-minute cleansing routine. That's crazy.

This is why in 2019 the production of our third-party cosmetics focused on the creation of formulas that can combine several benefits in a single product. Less time spent in skincare, all the while maintaining the efficacy of the ingredients. An easy, quick... and obvious choice.


Clean beauty

By this point, everyone knows (or at least should): there is no planet B. Which is why it’s crucial to learn to respect the planet we do have. We of HSA have given our contribution by making third-party cosmetics that are “clean”. Rich with natural ingredients and just the right amount of synthetic components, necessary to obtain the desired results while not damaging human health or the environment.

We’ve said goodbye to sulfates, that can damage the skin, and welcomed recyclable plastic packaging made of sugar cane, and recycled paper boxes.  


New trends in cosmetics third party manufacturing

After taking a look at the trends we’ll be taking with us into the upcoming year, let’s discover the novelties the big brands will be pointing their spotlights at when it comes to third-party cosmetics manufacturing:

  • Epigenetics & Neuroscience
  • Temporary hair dyes
  • New natural ingredients

Epigenetics & Neuroscience

Don’t let the big words scare you off; things are simpler than they sound. For years scientists and laypeople resisted the certainty that what’s written in our DNA is practically carved in stone. Wrong. Or, at least, not exactly.

It’s been scientifically proven that external conditions can effectively modify the “programming” of our cells, without altering their DNA sequence. It’s therefore possible to intervene in order to slow down the natural aging of the skin, modifying the habits associated to skin and hair care.  

Not only external conditions, but also what comes from the inside. The cosmetics industry is focusing more and more on a neuro-scientific and psychological approach. In brief: if the skin is the outer manifestation of internal emotions, then third-party cosmetics manufacturers might as well focus on mood as the first beauty resource.

To the effective cosmetic cocktail, action and ingredients are enriched by the pleasure the treatment awakens in the senses. At the end of the day, according to neuroscience, skin and hair are nothing but the mirror that reflects the nervous, hormonal and immune systems.


Temporary washable hair colors

Living in a moment in time in which changes keep coming, it’s absolutely possible to immediately regret a permanent choice we’ve just made. It happens. Especially when it comes to hair colors.

This is where third-party cosmetics manufacturers have intervened: to make a permanent choice temporary.

The big brands of the cosmetics industry will zero in on liquid dyes that can alter existing colors in a semi-permanent manner. Warming or cooling an undesired hue, reviving the color of roots and tips, maintaining a bright color for longer.

It’ll be possible to personalize one’s own style in a fast and effective manner, with a single multi-purpose product.


New natural and miraculous ingredients

The effectiveness of our third-party cosmetics products is ensured by the use of effective and safe ingredients. Among the novelties of the new year, three natural ingredients we already love will be invading our formulas: royal jelly, activated charcoal, and hemp.

Great to protect, purify and moisturize all skin types, these will be the natural ingredients preferred by the big cosmetics brands to communicate to the world the fact that the road towards healthy skin includes simple things!


What shall we say... It’s been a year filled with discoveries, and another one even more incredible is just around the corner! Chin up to receive 2020, trusting the experience and far-sightedness of third-party cosmetics manufacturers such as us.



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