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Creating your private label hair care line: in partnership or alone?

Today we’re increasingly convinced that healthy, well-cared for hair is a reflection of internal well-being, and more and more businesses are created with the purpose of finding their own room in the world of hair care. The first crucial question these businesses should ask is: do I want to fly solo or should I have a partner to support me? So you’re not sure which answer is right? Let’s analyze the pros and cons of each choice.


On the one hand, being the Steve Jobs of the hair care world would be a dream come true; on the other hand, however, you run the risk of turning into a one-man band that can blow up at any moment.

Don’t take it personally, but unless you actually are Steve Jobs (bless his soul), maybe you shouldn’t put everything at risk by going on this crusade by yourself. Because, honestly, a Steve Jobs is born every hundred years or so. And well, at the end of the day, not even Steve Jobs did everything by himself. He just got all the credit.



Creating a private label hair care line alone

Doing everything by yourself is possible and would leave you with what looks like benefits at a first glance...

It’s your vision and yours alone

Creating your hair care line by yourself allows you to keep your vision whole. As you are the one and only person of reference, your ideas and your opinions dictate the law of the land. You’re free to pursue your strategy without having to explain yourself to anyone else.



You get things done faster

Without the need to ask for anyone’s opinion, work is done faster. You can take your decisions immediately, without the need for long meetings and painful voting sessions.

You choose how to use your time 

You're the one who decides how and when to work. Creating our own skin care line by yourself allows you to reach a level of flexibility you could never have if you worked with a partner.


Now, let’s think this over a little more. Do they still sound like advantages to you? To us they sound more like the surefire way to put everything to an end: doing everything alone, without discussing with someone else, leads to an isolation that, in market terms, is anything but competitive.

Now let’s analyze the other side of the story.


Creating a private label hair care line in partnership 

When you think of it, humans are social beings. We’re not made to be alone! Why would you submit yourself to something so... unnatural?

Share glories but also risks

Yes, doing everything alone means you bring home all the glory, without sharing it with anyone. But this means that if things go wrong, you’ll also have to deal with that sense of failure and frustration -- alone too. Would you be able to stand it?

From the psychological point of view, having a partner to support you means knowing for sure that even if things don’t work out as planned, you don’t have to face it all by yourself.

The opposite is also true: all your successes and achievements would be shared with a partner. But hey, as the saying goes, happiness is real only when shared.


Expand your vision 

Who can assure you that your vision is the right one to blaze a trail and find your place in the market? Trusting a partner allows you to expand your point of view and open yourself to ideas that you may not have considered otherwise.

The market is constantly changing and evolving, and your strategy must be able to keep up with it. Stubbornly sticking to a single vision would not take you very far.

Get useful feedback

Ideas that sound super cool to you may turn out to be unfeasible when it comes to putting them to practice. But that’s the way things are! You can’t always have great ideas; we’re human, after all. This is why it’s important to open yourself to continuous discussion with a partner who’s familiar with market demands and who knows how to best advise you in all your decisions.

Let’s put it this way: at this point, the best choice seems pretty obvious to us. But we’re probably biased, as we’re partner addicted!

If you, like us, think that together we’re stronger...



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