Sei qui: Creating a skincare line is not that easy
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Creating a skincare line is not that easy

It’s terrible to have a great idea but not to know how to make it come true. It’s all perfect in your head and you’d like to grab it and take it all out to make them real without pointless complications. The temptation to go lie in fetal position and drown in your own desperation is big.

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But we understand you. We can read your thoughts.

Don’t let panic take you over. A little shove by someone with experience in the field of cosmetics is all you need. Perhaps
a company that works with the most well-known brands, that offers consultancy through all the phases of creating a new skincare line. Like us.

*wink wink*


Follow our advice and you’ll see how easy a ride it’ll be. We promise!


Like a witch's potion

When you’re creating a skincare line, it’s perfectly possible that something goes awry, that some piece of strategy blows up or that you realize you’re lacking that super rare drop of frog sneeze to make your formula complete.

Having a great idea and actually putting it to action are two different things, although they seem very similar. To create your new cosmetic products you must proceed carefully, preparing all the elements you need and thrown them in the cauldron at the proper time.


Creating a skincare line without exploding anything: the recipe

Don’t just throw stuff randomly in! Wait! Have you never seen how it happens in the movies? When you create a skincare line by yourself, anything can happen. One single wrong ingredient can blow it all up. To avoid irreparable damage and horrible waste of money, you must follow the recipe with method, stirring according to the instructions and adding salt as needed.

  1. Why should you make your life more complicated by creating a new skincare line? Don’t take this question for granted, believe us.
  2. What’s your target? Try to find out exactly who you want to sell to. This will make your life a lot easier.
  3. Are you familiar with the current trends? If you want to create successful products, you must know what’s going on in the skincare world. You may even find some interesting ideas.
  4. Study the regulations and standards of all the countries in which you’d like to sell your new skincare line.
  5. Choose a reliable and competent laboratory that can produce the formulas you seek and, if possible, that can help you during the project phase as well.
  6. Pick the right packaging and the design that can best communicate your brand’s assets.
  7. Plan and then accurately follow a suitable marketing strategy.


Alright, nothing’s exploded so far.


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