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Creating a hair product line in 5 simple steps

Creating a hair product line that is yours, and yours only, can be the perfect opportunity for your beauty brand (or any brand, for that matter) to show your customers that you believe, value and invest in your business. Wouldn’t you agree? But one question still stands: how to develop a hair product line? Let’s find out.

Diving into new, fresh waters can be fun, exciting, definitely a thrill to any business; but it can also be very challenging, even scary, especially if you want to do everything on your own. Well, we’re going to be honest with you: passion and excitement alone aren’t going to take you that far.

In order to successfully create a hair product line, and not drown while trying, there are a few things you need to get in order first. Once these have been organized and put in place, you can embark on this journey with a lighter heart, knowing that it’s only going to be smooth sailing ahead.


How to create a hair product that is going to sell

Here is how to develop a hair product line that is going to be successful, by following these 5 steps:


1. Get yourself a partner in crime

First of all: leave pride at the door. If you think that creating a hair product line is a one man job, you’re either a wizard or extremely naive. Trust us: the best thing you can do to make sure that your hair product line is not going to be a total flop, is to get a partner who knows what they’re doing.

And not just some random partner: you need a cosmetic manufacturer who has been in the business for many years and who is already fully equipped with labs and chemists; someone who can provide you with the best quality products and also guide you through the process with their long-established experience and expertise; someone who knows what’s up.

Mm, sounds vaguely familiar.




2. Do your research

Research what your customers want and need. How? Simply ask them. Trust me, they’ll tell you! People love to complain about what’s missing in their lives: just listen to everything they have to say and take notes. They’ll be the ones to tell you exactly what they need, putting you on the right path to how to develop a hair product line.

Plus, research the market. Always be on the lookout for promising blank spots that you can make yours and guard with your hair product. A good partner will help you foresee trends and hair goals tendencies before they even become a thing.


3. Pack it up good

Design an effective, easy to use packaging that is not only practical, but also pleasing to the eye. Study a color palette, a graphic and a font that represent your brand and also the target customers you’re addressing your product to.

They need to be compelled by your hair product packaging and feel like it embodies their style and taste to perfection.


4. Go big or go home is not a thing here

Don’t let yourself get carried away with enthusiasm: you don’t need a huge line to start with. Creating a hair product line is not an easy task; so, start small with a batch of 3/4 essential products. Once you get your hair product line up and running and get a good response from your customers, you can then consider widening your production.

Don’t overdo it.


5. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

Your customers are the reason why you’re doing this: without them, your hair product line goes nowhere. So, make sure to get their opinions about your new hair products before putting them out into the world. Give out samples of your products to test how your customers respond to them.

If they like them, they’ll come back for more.


And this, my friend, is how to develop a hair product line. But remember: it’s a process, and if you fail to make the first step right, everything else falls apart. So, make sure to get the best partner out there.




So, to the question: how to create a hair product? The answer is: contact us! We are the cosmetic manufacturers you are looking for.



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