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Creating a cosmetic line: a brief guide for keeping your sanity

Are you unwilling to give up your dream of expanding your market by creating a new cosmetic line? It can be done, a visionary scientist could say - but then don’t forget what happened in Jurassic Park.

The first time is always more complicated, for everyone. The second is not a walk in the park either. Don't drive yourself crazy every time you need to create a cosmetic line to enrich your catalog and follow the most current skincare trends!
Launching a new brand is not a mammoth enterprise, but remember that the world of skincare is populated by huge dinosaurs, ready to snap at you with their sharp teeth.


Read our guide to escape from the T-Rexes of the skincare world

Creating a cosmetic line without being bitten


Why would you create a cosmetic line?

One day you think you know the world of skincare well; you’re convinced that skin care trends have no secrets to you and that your ideas can turn the market upside down. Then you find out that the large brands have beaten you and that the velociraptors have learned to open doors.


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Why would you want to create a cosmetic line?

  • Because thanks to your profession you know the world of skincare very well and you know you’d do a great job.
  • Because you sell skincare products and you know what your clients want.
  • Because you already have a brand and you wish to expand your catalog.
  • Because you are the dinosaur and you want to create a new brand that is closer to consumers’ demands.
  • Because you’ve had an idea you think is brilliant and you want someone to help put it to practice.


Don't limit yourself to dreaming about creating a cosmetic line. Follow our advice, find the most suitable partner and achieve your goals without becoming prey to extinct reptiles.


Creating a cosmetic line: before you start

You can't start packing the evening before a long journey. Such a trip requires some planning. If you want to create your new brand, make sure you have everything you need at hand.

  1. Study the trends of the current year 
  2. Study your target
  3. Study your competition and do research on your objective market
  4. Study standards and regulations

You must practically go back to school, and this time your excuses for not doing your homework will not be accepted. You must also search for a reliable laboratory: ruining your future clients’ skin is not exactly a brilliant marketing move.


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A brief guide to escape the dinosaurs of cosmetics

Competitors are numerous and fierce. The market is dynamic and not easy to interpret, even for those who have been at this for a long time. To make things worse, new products are launched all the time. If you want to create your own personal brand of cosmetics that actually work, follow our advice and discover the steps you must take to lead your band to success.


Learn how not to fossilize in the cosmetics field:

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