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Cosmetic manufacturing companies: let’s see how they work

You may think that big cosmetic brands each have their own labs, with their own chemists and formulas. Well, that is a very common myth. And while some do, the majority of them work in a completely different way.


There is still very little knowledge around about how cosmetics are made. And if you’re thinking about a horde of Oompa Loompas running around, singing, while making cosmetic formulas, well we might revisit that idea for a second (even though it sounds very engaging, we’ll admit).

But don’t worry: we are here to shed some light on how cosmetic manufacturing companies actually work.

oompa loompa


Behind the scenes of cosmetic manufacturing companies

Think about cosmetic manufacturing companies as your favorite superheroes: they act in the shadows of the cosmetic industry, but they save everyone’s lives.

It might sound surprising, but most of the biggest (and smallest) brands don’t actually make their own cosmetics: instead, they go to cosmetic manufacturing companies to have their products formulated and packaged and then label them with their own logo. Yup, shocker.


This process is called “private label” and it allows brands to market unique products, without having to go through the fuss of dealing with cosmetic manufacturing on their own.

So, technically, it is very possible that many of your favorite lotions and potions were actually made by the same cosmetic manufacturing company. They just have different brands’ names on.


Inner workings of cosmetic manufacturing companies

However, the inner workings of cosmetic manufacturing companies go well beyond just slapping a brand’s label on a package and calling it a day. Their activities are far more nuanced that that.

And while we can’t speak for all cosmetic manufacturing companies out there, we sure can speak about how we do things at HSA headquarter.

To make it simple, we offer a full service: starting from the very concept of a cosmetic line, going through formulations and testing, all the way to design and packaging, we assist our partners in every stage of the cosmetic process.

See how we called them partners and not customers? That’s how important partnerships are to us. We don’t simply deliver a service; we engage in a partnership to build a valuable cosmetic product from the ground up, alongside our partners.


In order to do that, we can rely on fully equipped labs, well trained and experienced chemists and top-quality ingredients.

And that’s really all we need to deliver the most effective formulas. Oh, and one more thing: your trust.

That’s our secret ingredient, but don’t tell anyone. Ok?




So, if you’re considering starting your own cosmetic line, know that most of the biggest names don’t do it alone but trust cosmetic manufacturing companies to do it for them. So, why not give it a shot yourself?


If you’re looking for a cosmetic manufacturing company that you can trust, contact us! We will show you why it’s better together.



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