Sei qui: Catchy skin care line name ideas that will make you scream “Damn!”

Catchy skin care line name ideas that will make you scream “Damn!”

What’s the first thing we do when a baby is born? We name them, usually. Our name is our business card in the world. Our name is what makes us recognizable by everyone else. Likewise, as a good manufacturer of cosmetics who wants to make their triumphant debut in the world of skin care, first of all you’ll need a brand name that makes an impression.


Especially when you think of the trend of packaging simplification expected for the next years - they likely become increasingly essential - now more than ever you must think very carefully before choosing the name you wish to associate to your skin care line. It must be assertive in order to be immediately recognizable, but not so abstruse and weird that it can’t be pronounced. Simple and yet sophisticated - and no hubris, please. It must respect the identity of your skin care line as clearly as possible, but it can’t be banal. If it sounds complicated, it’s because it is.

But don’t worry, you can count on us!


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No, we won’t tell you exactly what name to give your skin care line (and by the way, sorry for the clickbait title). We don't want to cheat; we’re proper partners. So, we can help you by providing you with targeted advice backed by our huge experience. The perfect name will be your choice, and your choice only. We’ll have your back during your choice.


Skin care line name ideas

Hmmm, decisions decisions. The possibilities are endless, and yet the choice can only be one. How can one find one’s way in this immense ocean of possible names? Simple. First of all, keep in mind the slice of the market you want to talk to, and to the set of values you wish to communicate through your skin care line. Once you have these two concepts clear in your mind, the rest is all imagination and brainstorming. There are different roads you can take.

Reflect the philosophy of your skin care line

As you know, the preferred trend in the cosmetics industry in the last few years, and certainly of the years to come, is closely related to the green, natural and organic world. For instance, if your skin care line is close to these values and uses natural ingredients, you can choose a name that is just as “organic”, to communicate your philosophy in a better way. This technique applies to “green” philosophy just as well as to anything else. This is a pretty safe road.

Play with words: use puns (intended)

You can decide to be less institutional, more playful and irreverent, and explore the world of puns. Sit yourself with pencil and paper in front of you and experiment with letters and syllables. Break them, split them, put them back together, reorder them loosely or following a certain logic. Create blends of words associated to your brand or acronyms of phrases that are meaningful to you or just funny. You’ll see how sooner or later something interesting will come to you. And when it does, feel free to shout “eureka!”


Trust fancy, foreign names

You can choose the risky road and trust the fascination of a pompous, mysterious name. There are countless words that, in certain languages (especially in Eastern ones), express a whole way of thinking. With a single word, unknown in your country and therefore interesting enough to make your consumers curious, you can express an entire philosophy that is a perfect match for the image of your skin care line. Two birds with one stone.

Name your skin care line after yourself

It’s a tad narcissistic, but if you have a unique name that is hard to forget, why not exploit it for the benefit of your skin care line? Of course, if your name is John Smith, this might not be the best solution for you. And if you do decide to use your name, make sure it’s easy to pronounce by more or less everyone; something without a boatload of consonants and that isn’t nearly as long as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. You know.


Can’t find any skin care line name ideas? Put your trust in fate

So you’ve spent hours and hours driving yourself crazy thinking about a name, but you're still short of ideas? Do not despair. You can always trust fate. Grab a dictionary, close your eyes, open a random page and place your finger somewhere on a page. Open your eyes. Which word did your finger land on? Try it, chew it, say it out loud a few times, see how it sounds. It may take you a few tries, you might have to put more than one word together, but sooner or later inspiration will hit you like a ton of bricks, and you’ll find your perfect combination!



We’ve given you just a handful of ideas. For further information, we think you should read this article.


In any case, remember that you don’t have to it all by yourself. Trust a partner that can give you good advice. Your skin care line will thank you!



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