Sei qui: Believe it or not, customized skin care products will be your safety net

Believe it or not, customized skin care products will be your safety net

One of the key words for 2020 beauty trends is “personalization”. Oh yes, we look to the future and see not only a return to simple, genuine things, but also a shift towards a closer relationship between skin care products and consumers, who are increasingly well informed and alert when it comes to the quality of the products they use on their skin. Well aware of this, skin care manufacturers can exploit it to their advantage, making consumers feel like they’re part of the production process. But how do they work? What are their advantages? Let’s have a look.


Cosmetics manufacturers usually think that average consumers are lazy and therefore prefer to use a single multi-purpose product that is quick and easy to use. True. Consumers trend to be lazy, but just a little!


In fact, there’s a certain percentage of their informed consumer character that would love to have the possibility to feel a part of the production process of the skin care products they use. After all, nobody enjoys feeling like they’re just a number.

As cosmetics manufacturers with an attentive eye on the market, why not grant this wish offering customized skin care products?


The sense of responsibility derived from a commitment taken personally makes consumers not only satisfied with their contribution, but also makes them loyal to a product they know was made just for them and for their skin type.

Customized skin care products: how they work

But how is it possible to involve consumers in the creation of a skin care product? Unfortunately, it’s not very practical to have them all come to the plant wearing hairnet and mask. If Mohammed can’t go to the mountain, the manufacturer must go to its consumers.

But how? Simple. It’s possible to create a line of “base” products, such as creams, masks and scrubs, to which extra ingredients are added. These are called “functional concentrates” and vary according to the need of each single consumer. In this manner, a single base element can yield countless products, customized according to the issue that must be solved.


For instance, a consumer may choose to add to a base cream a purifying serum to help him/her fight skin blemishes. Likewise, it’s possible to add to a base mask a plumping serum that leaves the skin more toned and elastic. Or add a nourishing serum to a body scrub, to help fight skin dryness. The combinations are countless and can meet any kind of need.

Once you’ve understood how it works, how can one actually put it into practice?


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Customized skin care products: free initial quiz 

For instance, to accompany your consumers in the creation of their skin care products, you can invite them to fill out an initial quiz online to understand their needs. By answering the questions, consumers can gradually create their ideal product. At the end of this quiz, consumers will have created their customized skin care product.

We have another lovely tip to give you. Once the product is created, allow customers to personalize it even more by adding their name to the packaging. This will make them feel even more loved and pampered by your brand. But remember, don’t let the word spread! Keep it to yourself!


Customized skin care products: scan your skin and find your product  

If you want to want to take a step further and give your consumers an even more important role to play in the making of their customized skin care product, there’s another solution at hand. It requires an extra technological effort, but it’s surely very interesting. Consumers can scan their skin using a smartphone app. The app’s artificial intelligence can understand the skin type and identify the product of your skin care line most suitable to respond to that skin’s needs. Incredible, right? 

Customized skin care products: why choose them 

If you're still skeptical and can’t see the point in a customer-centered approach, our advice is: don’t underestimate the power of a sense of responsibility. “Speaking” directly to consumers, including them in the production process, not only makes them feel valued and close to the brand, but also gives them a sense of responsibility they simply can’t resist. After all, we all love feeling part of something.


Trust us and make your consumers feel like they’re an integral part of your brand! Don't know how to do it? Don’t fret. We of HSA have plenty of experience and can give you assistance throughout the process.